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Extended Support to your PC

You can now Extend Warranty Period on your Lenovo Product to protect against unexpected repair or replacement costs. Maximizes PC uptime and productivity.

Offer Details

Offer Start : 1st November, 2020 - 30th November, 2020

Last date for Online Registration is 10th December 2020

Last Date for Making Payment is 17th December 2020

Offer Grid
Warranty Upgrade To ThinkPad V Series
TP Edge TP T&X, Yoga TP
(1 Year Base) L380
3 Year Onsite 1499 NA NA 999
3 Year ADP 1699 2999 1699 1499
1 Year ADP 999 999 999 799
1 Year Premier Support 799 799 799 NA
3 Year Premier Support 2399 2399 2399 NA

Why Lenovo Extended Warranty

To provide longer protection with quality experience with Lenovo laptops

Minimize unplanned operating and maintenance expenses

Exceptional machine deserves exceptional services and only Lenovo backs them up with award winning capabilities and Lenovo-certified techniques

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